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Unified Printing: Copying, Faxing, Printing, and Scanning

New printing service coming to libraries and residence halls in August

In early August, a new printing service will be rolled out to campus libraries and residence halls. The service will introduce upgraded equipment for printing, copying, scanning, and faxing, as well as a new and improved software interface for web-based printing. Microform scanners will also be upgraded as part of the new service, and an overhead scanner for bound materials will be added at the Joseph Regenstein Library.

Starting Friday, August 1, users will no longer be able to use the current web printing service or to add value to their cards using the current web revalue service. Printing from library computers and from personal computers with print drivers installed will continue to work throughout the transition. Current copy card machines will still allow users to add value to their current cards. The Library encourages users to avoid adding value to current cards or purchasing new copy cards until after the new printing service is in place.

Starting August 4, the new equipment will be installed and the new web service will be launched at There may be brief periods in the week of August 4 when printing services are unavailable at a specific location while the old equipment is removed and the new equipment installed.

Users who currently have an outstanding balance on their UChicago Card or recently issued library card will have the balance transferred to the new system automatically. Users with older library cards or copy cards will need to ask for assistance in manually transferring any outstanding balance on their old card to a new card.

The cost of printing, copying, scanning, and faxing using the multifunction devices will remain the same as the 2013-14 prices for these services. Scanning at microform scanners and the new overhead scanner will cost the same as scanning at the multifunction devices: 2 cents per page.

We appreciate your patience as the work to move to the new system is completed.

Video Tutorial: Printing in the Library

View a two-minute video on printing in the Library, residence halls, and the Cathey Learning Center (formerly Harper Library Commons).

PIN Required

All users are required to set and use a 4-digit PIN (personal identification number) to copy, print, scan or fax. This security measure protects users from fraudulent use of their accounts. For details on setting a PIN, follow these directions.

Copy Cards

A Chicago Card, University of Chicago Library card, or UChicago Copy Card is required to copy, fax, print, or scan; no machine takes cash.

You may purchase a UChicago copy card, or add value to your Chicago Card, University of Chicago Library card, or existing copy card at a copy card machine.

Card machine locations

  • Regenstein, 1st floor, East wall
  • Regenstein, 1st floor, Near bookstacks elevator
  • Crerar, 1st floor, South copy room
  • Crerar, 1st floor, West side
  • D'Angelo Law, 2nd floor, Reserves room

How to buy a copy card:

  1. Press the button inside the maroon circle
  2. Insert $1 (no change is given and you may not cancel the transaction), or swipe credit card, specify amount desired
  3. Remove ejected card, which has a value of $.50

How to add value to a copy card, Chicago Card, or library card:

At a Copy Card Machine

  1. Tap your Chicago Card or swipe a Copy Card or library card
  2. Insert bills to the desired value (no change is given and you may not cancel the transaction), or swipe credit card and specify amount desired
  3. Press the button inside the maroon circle

Copy card machines accept Visa credit and debit cards, MasterCard credit cards (MasterCard debit cards not accepted), and Discover credit cards.

Online via Web ReValue

Add value online using a credit card. Follow the instructions on the Web ReValue page.

Web ReValue accepts Visa credit and debit cards, MasterCard credit and debit cards, and Discover credit cards.

How to transfer value from an old card:

To transfer any value added prior to August 3 2009, whether on a copy card, Chicago Card or University of Chicago Library card account, visit the Canon Care Associate at the west end of the main circulation desk on the first floor of Regenstein. (8:30 am - 5 pm M-F, noon - 4 pm Sa-Su).

How to charge the purchase of a copy card to a research or departmental account:

Faculty and staff may purchase a $50 UChicago Copy Card through a department via BuySite. The vendor is Todays Business Solutions. Please bring a copy of the online order to the Canon Care Associate at the west end of the circulation counter on the first floor of Regenstein (8:30 am - 5 pm M-F,  noon - 4 pm Sa-Su) to pick up the card.

Copy/Fax/Print/Scan Station Locations

  color ADA compliant
Regenstein 5th floor x  
Regenstein 4th floor x  
Regenstein 3rd floor x  
Regenstein 2nd floor    
Regenstein 1st floor x x
Regenstein A-level    
Regenstein B-level    
Crerar 3rd floor south    
Crerar 2nd floor south    
Crerar 1st floor south    
Crerar 1st floor west x x
D'Angelo Law, 2nd floor reserves    
Residence Halls
Blackstone Hall x  
Breckinridge Hall x  
Broadview Hall x  
Burton-Judson Courts x  
Hitchcock Hall x  
Maclean Hall x  
Max Palevksy East x  
Max Palevsky Central x x
Max Palevsky West x  
New Graduate Residence Hall x  
Pierce Tower x  
Snell Hall x  
South Campus Residence Hall x x
Stony Island Hall x  
Cathey Learning Center
Cathey Learning Center    

Microform Copy/Scan Locations

  • Regenstein, 3rd floor (copy and scan to USB available)
  • Crerar, 1st floor (scan to USB only)
  • D'Angelo Law, 2nd floor, Reserves room (copy only)

For more information, see the Library guide to Microform Collections.


  8 1/2" x 11" 11" x 14" 11 x 17"
copies & printing, black & white $.13 $.13 $.26
copies & printing, color $.18 $.18 $.36
scans $.02 $.02 $.02
fax $.25 $.25 $.25
microform copies $.13 n/a n/a
microform scans no charge no charge no charge

All prices are per page.

Service and Assistance




For service or supplies, call (773) 834-0038. For help, email

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